Psychological Assessment Clinic

The Office of Ramesh B. Eluri, MD, PC (RBE) now features a Psychological Assessment Clinic which offers assessments for a variety of psychological and psychiatric conditions for children, adolescents and adults. Testing can reveal underlying emotional personality patterns that may be interfering with a client’s ability to function at his or her best. This type of testing can be helpful when the diagnostic picture is unclear or when a client feels stuck, despite therapeutic or medication interventions.

Each evaluation utilizes qualitative and quantitative measures resulting in the most thorough evaluation available with recommendations for treatment. Assessments are custom-tailored to the client’s needs based on symptoms and historical information. At the conclusion of the assessment, clients, family and referring clinicians will receive a comprehensive written evaluation and have the opportunity to meet with a licensed psychologist for an in-depth explanation of test results, diagnoses, and recommendations for treatment (when indicated).

Types of Assessment

We combine the art and science of psychotherapy when we create our treatment plans. Every plan is unique: your treatment plan will be designed for you and for no one else. We draw upon a full set of treatment modalities, including:

  • Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder
  • Diagnostic evaluations to establish or clarify diagnosis.
  • Evaluation of psychosis
  • Forensic testing for individuals in litigation, substance abuse, or sexual abuse cases, sexual offending and sexually problematic behavior
  • Disability cases
  • Medication issues for treatment resistant clients. Testing can assist psychiatrists in finding a more effective combination of medication to maximize benefits.
  • Achievement, psycho-educational and cognitive testing.

If you are interested in a psychological evaluation please contact the office at 484-973-6661